Card Talk With The Sack Boys

Am I a Joke to You?

Ringing in the new year, the whole crew is present for once as we finish our discussion of Miyaji Academy with Nubatama. This leads Peter to question his very existence and ask the ever thought provoking question "Am I a joke to you?"(and the answer is yes).

Cray Cruise 2018

Andrew and Peter have been kidnapped again in there Spring fest teammate of Conor and Andrew Louis fills in for them as they discuss Oracle Think Tank, and the first cards of Link Joker.

Screw It, Just Do It

Peter is gone again, while he is away Conor and Andrew discuss the Paladin clans of Miyaji Academy.

We Got an Expert

Peter got kidnapped by the dastardly villain known as higher education, and in his place Andrew and Conor talk with Narukami expert Jarred about their first support in standard.

Peter Barone: Mall Cop

Peter returns after being abducted to us finishing with Answer of Truth. Then we segway into our discussion of the new Trial Decks.

Steamed Hams but it's the Sack Boys Podcast

With Peter still away, Conor and Andrew embrace their depression with thoughts of Hamsters, and frogs thrown at their rear guards before ending the show talking about a great meme of years past.

For Once Bushi's Card Design Doesn't Grind My Gears

With Peter absent, Conor and Andrew have their first 2 man podcast continuing the discussion on Answers of Truth and the topic of art in the Vanguard card game.

Gauging My Interest

The answer of Truth is upon us. Finally, the Sackboys all have clans of interest - especially Andrew with the first big reveals of Great Nature!

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Stretching our Patience

With all of Ultra Rare revealed, the boys talk about possible building choices as well as the first cards out of The Answer of Truth all the while getting progressively angrier with Peter.

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The Lion, The Angel and the Musketeer

All the Vrs are out - time to discuss the three clans in Ultra rare now that we have a good look at their playstyles.

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