Card Talk With The Sack Boys

We Picking Favorites This Time.

No reveals this week - instead, the Sack Boys go on long tangents about their favorite clans. Expect some cheerful remembrance, and a bit of playful mockery.

King Crimson What Do?

A failed recording won't slow the Sackboys down as they discuss more Cray Rangers, along with a really old friend from Nova Grapplers come back to kick it into high gear.


Back in our own homes, the Sackboys talks about the latest reveals leading to an extended discussion of Power Rangers along with discussions of just how much Bermuda has. Also something something Keywords I don't know.

Leave My Deck Alone or So Help Me

Back in the studio after a few weeks of home recording, Conor and Andrew cover cards for various clans as the extra boosters begin to trickle in. Actually finding something interested in Kagero, as well as a hint of whats to come for Link Joker and it's no bueno.

Cray Cruise 2019

Andrew and Louis take the helm for this one as Peter and Conor take their leave for the week. While discussing loops the market, and going on another cruise.

Man The Little Mermaid Sequel Looks Great

Andrew has gone missingm but rather then look for him the Sackboys talk about the product stream as well as Bermuda triangle as they take over the reveals.

Literally Just Clean Up

Finishing up with Vilest Deletor, the Sackboys take a look at the Revival collection giving one massive Yay or Nay to the reprints given to use.

The one where we go to the Circus

With a new format the whole crew is back together (+ Louis) as we finish off our discussion of the clans in Vilest Deletor as well as the Bushiroad world championship. Also something about Garga having a new power, and Devoting yourself to Weiss Schwartz.

This is Good Mandala Support

Beginning to wrap up with Vilest Deletor the Sack boys discuss Murakumo, while marveling at how everything seems to be good for Mandala. Also some Deletor or whatever.

Does it Work with Dantarian?

Continuing our discussion of Vilest Deletor with a question that will plague Dark Irregular players until they give it a second a thought and the answer is yes. Also, Link Joker.

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